Friday, June 1, 2012

What am I doing?

Do you ask yourself this question at all?  I sure do.  Lately, it's all the time.  Mostly it's in a baffled grunt and modified to, "Meliss-ugh!  What the hell are you doing?"

My most recent self-assessment occurred in a lounge at school.  I was supposed to be studying, but found myself listening to students talk about research and I decided I no longer liked what I was studying and wanted to, yes... you guessed it, change my "major"... again.

The whole teaching thing was a great idea for a few minutes, but here's what happened:  Melissa's applied for many jobs since graduating last year.  When I say many, I mean over a hundred.  I've gone to three interviews, had one phone interview, and received a small handful of e-mails saying I lacked experience.  The next logical step would be grad school, right?  The application didn't quite process and there I sat staring at yet another year of rejection letters and telling Grandpa the weather forecast and the television channel he's on.  I went into a bit of a panic and found the post-bac program and Ta-Da!  I had a plan for the fall, but didn't really analyze the long-term.  Science?  Biology?  Hmm...

So, I did a little more exploring.  I was only 21 credits away from having a double major in addiction studies.  I bet I could get some of those credits waived if I did a little reporting on my Facebook and Barnes and Noble addictions.  (As I type right now, I'm at Barnes and Noble with a separate browser open with Facebook feeds popping up.  That right there makes me head of the class, right?)

I would say, "Why didn't you look into this earlier?"  That would be pointless, though.  I was in a get-me-graduated mindset last year.  You don't ever question decisions made when you're in that mentality.

So, here I am.  At Barnes and Noble.  Blogging, on Facebook, and working on my book that I am pretty sure I could self-publish by the end of the year if I just continue along on my 'sabbatical' and re-visit the idea of graduate school.

Maybe now would be a good time to look into psychic readings?