Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why I Haven't Blogged

I knew there was a bit of a time gap since my last blog post, but I had NO idea it has been almost two months.  Time flies when you're watching Netflix and doodling.

Yes, as shameful as it sounds, that is exactly what I have been doing when I haven't been at work.  You may think I'm kidding, but I'm not.  I have discovered the wonderful world of Zentangle and I'm afraid I'm almost obsessed with it.

Zentangle is a form of doodling.  Apparently, it's also a form of meditation.  I came across some examples of it on Pinterest and have been hooked.  For my birthday, I received quite a few gift cards to my favorite place in the world: Barnes and Noble.  I purchased a sketchbook, brush markers, three Zentangle books, a drawing book, and a bunch of other stuff.  (Yeah, I had a lot to spend and I LOVED every penny of it!)  Probably no coincidence that my last blog post was 4 days after my birthday.  Sorry about that.

Some people say that multitasking is not really possible.  I beg to differ.  Here's what I've watched on Netflix:

Trailer Park Boys - All 7 seasons, the movie, and Live from Dublin
Dexter - All seasons
Behind Bars - All available episodes
I Almost Got Away With It - 3 episodes
American Horror Story - Season 1, Season 2 - 9 episodes
Orange is the New Black - 2 Seasons
The Office - 2 Seasons
Derek - 5 Episodes
The Andy Griffith Show - 4 episodes
Psych - 5 episodes
30 Days - 1 episode
Wilfred - 2 episodes
Ron White (A Little Unprofessional)
House, M.D. - 2 Seasons

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
The Family
The Lorax
Undertaking Betty

Seems like a lot of Netflix, and yes, I agree.  I can't just sit and watch Netflix, though.  Some people knit while they watch television, some do crossword puzzles, maybe even Sudoku.  I used to do Sudoku until I started doing this:

And this is why I've neglected my blog.  To learn more about Zentangle, Google it!  Try it.  You'll like it.