Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Amazing Backpack - Part II

I packed up my backpack last night with my laptop, along with some cords and cables and drove off to take care of some business.  When I pulled it out of the truck, I threw it over my shoulder and noticed it felt funny.  After looking over my shoulder, I noticed that the zipper split again and my laptop was dangling, about to fall out onto concrete.  (My laptop is in about the same shape as the backpack, by the way.)  So, I caught it and adjusted the zipper and was good to go.

Unfortunately, class starts on August 29th and it's time to consider the option of purchasing a new backpack.  With that, I need to emphasize the word "consider" because I've gone backpack shopping several times.  None of the backpacks seem to be able to measure up, though.

After browsing the shelves and back-to-school specials, I find myself reasoning that I don't need a new backpack.  This one can make it through 17 more credits, right?  Sure, I'll probably be spending a lot of time picking up books, pens, highlighters, and the laptop off the floor every time the zipper gives, but it's worth it.

Another thought is maybe buying an outer backpack to carry the backpack for me.  Is that cheating?

As I think about it, here are two photographs of my travels with the backpack:

The Backpack With Me in Rome, Italy

The Backpack resting in Cockscomb, Belize