Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another Wausau Adventure!

I cannot believe it has taken this long to get my niece and nephews together with my "adopted" nephews.  When Shannon mentioned a combined birthday party for Nolan and Madeline, I decided this would be the PERFECT opportunity.

So, yesterday we packed up Alan, Evan, and Owen and started the 167 mile journey from La Crosse to Wausau for a "cousins, but not really cousins" weekend!

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you know I like to quote the conversations I have with the kids.  Here's what our 2 hours and 45 minutes sounded like:

[On Highway 16 between La Crosse and Onalaska]
OWEN: LISSA!  Are we in Wausau?
ME: Nope!  We're still in La Crosse.
OWEN: UGH!!!  How much longer, Lissa?
ME: Almost three hours!
ME: It's like watching 6 episodes of Ninjago.

------A little bit of quiet time---------

OWEN: LISSA!!!!  How much gas we got?
ME: Over a half of a tank, Owen.
OWEN: We dotta go get gas, LISSA!!!!
ME: Not yet.  I think we'll make it on this tank.
OWEN: If we run outta gas Lissa, the van won't go anymore.
ME:  I'll make sure that doesn't happen, okay?
OWEN:  LISSA!!!!  We need hot chocolate.
ME: Yep!  We'll stop in Tomah.
OWEN: Does Tomah have hot chocolate?
ME: I'm pretty sure we'll find some.
OWEN: Right now?
ME: We have about twenty minutes before we get there!
ALAN: I have my wallet and it's got 22 bucks in it.
ME: Oh, really?  Were you supposed to bring that along?
ALAN: Well, I brought it in case we stopped somewhere so I can buy a snack or something.
ME: I think I can cover your snacks.  Save your money.
ALAN: Yeah, you have a job and I don't, so that's a good idea.
ME: We have quite a while, Owen.


------ More quiet time after the Tomah stop! -------------

ALAN: I just CAN'T WAIT to get there!!!  I'm SO excited!!!  And I bet they are, too!


OWEN: Where are we, Lissa?
ME: Almost to Marshfield!
OWEN: Aw, I don't like Marshfield!  I wanna be in Wausau!

[A few minutes later]

ME: Marshfield!
OWEN: We already been here, Lissa!
ME: I know.

[A few minutes later]

OWEN: Where are we?
ME: Still in Marshfield!
OWEN: I really don't like Marshgarden, Lissa!

OWEN: LISSA!  Your sister, with the spiky hair...
ALAN: SHANNON!  Her name is Shannon!

[Side note - she doesn't have spiky hair, but... okay.]

OWEN: Does her house have a bathroom?
ME: No, they don't have any bathrooms in the house.
OWEN: Where are we gonna pee?
ME: We have to pee outside!
OWEN: In the Marshgarden???
ME: Yep!
OWEN: REALLY?  Lissa, you're just joking!
EVAN: Yeah, she's joking Owen!  They have bathrooms!  And fireplaces!
OWEN: Do you have bathrooms at your house?
ME: Do you remember where I live, Owen?  [This is a conversation we had earlier in the day.  I think he forgets that I still live with them.]
OWEN: No.  Where's your house, Lissa?
ME: I don't have a house, yet.  I live with you.  Remember?
OWEN: Oh, yeah.  I forget sometimes.

-------  A Very BRIEF Pause in the Conversation ------

OWEN: Lissa, how did you meet us?
ME: I met your Mom at school.  She was one of my teachers.
OWEN: At school?
ME: Yep.  And we traveled to Belize together a few years ago with school.
OWEN:  I don't remember that!  When did you meet us?  Owen, Alan, and Evan?
ME: A few months after your mom and I went to Belize, I came to your house.  Remember?  We did some pictures and I liked you guys so much I talked your parents into letting me babysit.
EVAN: And she's the best babysitter EVER!    [[I pay them to say that.  Okay, no I don't.]]
ALAN:  She's more than a babysitter now!
OWEN: How did you stay with us?
ME:  Well, I felt bad that your basement didn't have anybody living in it, so I just decided to move in and your parents haven't kicked me out yet.
OWEN: That was a really good idea, Lissa!!!


I should probably quit blogging and feed the troops!  More to come, I'm sure!

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