Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday's Mental Health Moment

Last week Monday was April 1st.  I played an April Fool's Day joke on everyone and no one noticed.  I'll try harder next year.

As I was driving to Barnes and Noble this morning, the Mental Health Monday blog was on the back of my mind.  Trying to come up with a topic to focus on has proven to be a challenge.  I couldn't concentrate on any one thing.  Mostly because I downloaded new music and having my own karaoke party in the car took priority.

When I finally arrived at Barnes and Noble, I walked in with my laptop bag all set to chug some coffee and blog about mental well being.  If you are familiar with the Onalaska Barnes and Noble, you are probably well aware that the folks there are pretty stingy when it comes to wall outlets.  In fact, there is only one in the cafe area.  Of course, someone had herself planted right beside the one outlet, but was not using it.  Typically, this would send the Melissa into a silent meltdown.  The MacBook I have belongs in a museum and has a battery life that lasts about as long as a goldfish out of water.   I handled "my spot" being taken over like a champ.  I ordered my grande white chocolate mocha with a peanut butter cookie.  Then, I walked across the store to a group of tables near a wall outlet and settled in for some hardcore blogging.  

As soon as the laptop had a pulse, Facebook magically opened when I hit the "FB" link on my navigation bar.  After all, Facebook is how all great work is put on the sidelines.  Within minutes, the window cleaners arrived and began washing the windows directly behind my chair.  To my left was a clear view of the register counter and I spent too much time analyzing how the store could be so organized, yet behind the counter looked like teenager's bedroom.  To my right, the International Travel section started whispering to me and a Travel Ireland book was the loudest.  You're Irish, Melissa.  Pick me up.  Read me.  What blog?   

What blog? was right!  I gave up, packed up, and within an hour, I was in a fetal position on the couch in a sound sleep.

That's when it hit me -- NAPS!  Sometimes, you just need a nap.  How someone can crash for almost three hours after a venti (yes, they screwed up and my coffee was larger than I ordered) mocha?  There is no explanation except that sometimes, you just need a nap.

Today's Mental Health Moment Summed Up:

If the opportunity to nap comes knocking, you go to that door with your favorite stuffed animal, flannel pajamas, and your blanket and give it a big hug.    

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