Sunday, November 7, 2010

How Not to Do Things Half-Assed

I am what my therapist refers to as an "all-or-nothing" personality type.  Apparently, this is not a good thing to be.  Well, it can be a good thing sometimes, but definitely not all the time.  I've been and "all-or-nothing" dieter and that got me into trouble on many occasions.  You can check out my other blog on that.  School is another shining example of the "all-or-nothing" life of Melissa McCarthy.

The hardest thing about being this perfectionist all-or-nothing student is time.  Not only am I a perfectionist-all-or-nothing, I'm also a procrastinator because I work better under pressure.  I had to learn to pick and choose what to put my entire heart into and what to completely blow off.  Usually, the classes that I struggled most with were the ones I didn't bother putting effort into.  This way, I could focus on the classes I excelled in.  With me, it was math and science that held me down, so I put my time and energy into English, Art, Music, History, and anything that didn't involve a calculator.

I don't do anything half-assed.  School skipping was certainly no exception.  My junior year of high school I decided that if I was going to skip one class, I may as well skip the entire day.  That landed me in truancy court, actually.  Like I said... I don't do anything half-assed.  The judge went easy on me.  Probably because instead of wallet chains, I wore a skirt and even cried a little.

The last class I attended was on October 18th.  Due to extenuating circumstances that (for now) I cannot blab about, the powers that be are trying to pull a lot of strings to push  me out the door quietly.  But, maybe this is a sign that I'm not where I'm supposed to be right now.

Last night, I went to The Pump House in La Crosse for a wonderful concert, featuring Clay Riness - a singer/songwriter from the area.  It was inspiring.  I've been neglecting my guitar far too long and need to get back into songwriter-mode.  So, Miss All-or-Nothing not only wants to dive right back into the music, she is going to do some kind of a tour next year.  It may just be around Wisconsin, or it may be all the way to Boston and back.  Who knows?  If I end up losing my ass on this, it will be my entire ass.  Remember, I do nothing half-assed.

The photography gig is going well, too.  I have four weddings booked for next year already.  As sick as some people think this is, I want to get involved with what some refer to as "end of life" photography.  It's actually a beautiful thing if done with taste.

Writing is right up there on my list of things to do, too.  Maybe a memoir?  Actually, I have one started, but I'm working on a novel right now.  Sort of.  Writing a novel is hard.  So is dropping out of college with less than 30 credits to graduation, but if I can do that, I can write a novel, dammit.

(I threw the "dammit" in for added emphasis.  Nice, huh?)

If anyone is looking for me, this weekend I will be secluded with the women in my life at craft weekend in Three Lakes, Wisconsin.  I will be putting together press kits for my first tour, creating promotional material for my photo business, and learning how to use a sewing machine.

Watch out, World.   

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