Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tragedy with a Happy Ending

It was Halloween afternoon and I had seventeen candles burning on a bookshelf.  It came time to extinguish the flames and as I was bent over blowing out the candles on the lower shelf, a candle on the upper shelf tipped.  The wax fell into my hair and ran down the back of my favorite black shirt.

If you remember, the shirt hanging on the doorknob - the one on the lower left corner - is my favorite black shirt.  So, I went and bought one to replace it.  You're probably thinking, "Melissa... you have twelve black shirts!  Why in the world did you go out and buy a new one?"  Well, let me answer that for you.  This one is the perfect combination of cotton and Guatemala.  Unfortunately, they didn't have it in the brand the now candle wax-covered shirt was in.  There was a different brand, but very similar.  I think this will do.  ($10 at Target, FYI.)  I will give it a test run tomorrow and report back. 

I now have my complete set of black shirts put together and the world can exist in perfect harmony once again.  

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