Friday, December 3, 2010

Nonsense sort of Stuff

Wednesday found me in the admission's office at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse with an unofficial copy of my transcripts from Viterbo.  The admissions guy gave me all the information that I needed for applying.  Let's see... since I've developed this college addiction, I've applied at Northcentral Technical College, University of Wisconsin - Marathon County, Winona State University, McNally Smith, University of Alaska - Anchorage, and Viterbo.  (I was accepted at every college, but didn't attend all of them!  If I did, could you imagine how many credits I'd have by now?)  It's a good thing the UW-L guy walked me through the application process because I haven't quite got the hang of it, yet.

He looked through the two pages of classes and the look on his face was priceless when he said, "You have 150 credits!!!!!"  The next look on his face was even pricelessier (seven years of college - had to throw in a word that you wouldn't recognize) when I told him that I had another 70+ credits from NTC.  

I need to decide whether I want to transfer to UW-L and finish my undergrad and change my major, or continue at Viterbo for the same amount of time and more than twice the tuition.

I have 150 credits.  Only 128 credits are needed for a bachelor's degree.  Why can't they just write me out a degree certificate so I can frame it and stick it on my wall?  Can't they just leave the major blank and give me my B.S. so I can just go on my merry way?  This is all I want for Christmas.  A big red bow would be nice, but certainly not necessary.

Now that I think about it, maybe I've over-thought about it. Maybe I'm supposed to take this opportunity to change my name to something completely country bumpkinish and chase my dreams to Nashville.  Or, Texas.  I could pick up a southern accent in no time, join a band, and roam the country in a beat up motor home.  Now that I over-think what I should be under-thinking about, I already have a country bumpkin name, kind of.

So, as I was sitting in the admissions office I was looking out the window staring at a cemetery.  Life is short.  Or, long.  Depending on how much of it you've spent applying to colleges and collecting credits. 

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