Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seventh Year Senior Vs. The Second Year Freshmen

What is a second year freshman, you ask?  A second year freshman is defined as a sophomore college student who has somehow managed to get through their first year of college while still acting, dressing, and talking like a high school freshman.  I will be sharing some observations and real-life run-ins I've had with this population. 

BIO LAB:  What do you expect to find in a biology lab?  If you think back to high school Biology, odds are you dissected something.  Typically, it's a frog. So, we're sitting in a biology lab.  To get into this particular biology lab, you need to meet the prerequisites, which means that by this point, you've cut open squids, pigs, worms, and starfish.
With that in mind, we show up to lab and there are no dissecting tools to be seen.  Instead, laptops are set up.  What could be better for the passer-outers than a virtual lab?  The lab wasn't really even a dissection.  We had to surgically implant some stuff in the head of this rat.  No virtual cutting.  No virtual blood.  Nothing.  The second year freshman across from me covers her eyes and says, "I CAN'T WATCH THIS."  Maybe she had some sort of bad experience with Super Mario?!  It didn't stop there.  She continued to make a scene and at that point I just became embarrassed to even be in the same room as her.

DUMB QUESTIONS: I've heard so many people say that there is no such thing as a dumb question.  Let me tell you, YES, Virgina, there are dumb questions.  Here are some classic examples from the Second Year Freshmen.

STUDENT:  Uh, Dr. -----, What's worse: Getting kicked out of class, or skipping class?

SAME STUDENT: (to the professor) Have you ever wanted to kick me out of class?
PROFESSOR: I'm not going to answer that.
answer it. 

STUDENT 1: Okay... so ... like... what's the best way to get your door lock unfrozen?
STUDENT 2: Your car door is frozen?
STUDENT 1: No, my apartment door.
STUDENT 2: Your apartment door is frozen?
STUDENT 1: Uh - Yah!  And I was inside!!!

STUDENT: Can we have extra credit?  
(Nothing screams FRESHMAN like this question!)

STUDENT: Okay, so, I'm wondering how, like, when you have that ummm.... that thing... umm...(long pause)... Nevermind.    

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