Saturday, November 9, 2013

Crafters Gone Wild 2013

Six years ago, the lovely ladies in my life started a November tradition we call Craft Weekend.  Each November, a caravan of vehicles, packed to the max with sewing machines, fabric, quilting supplies, knitting needles, yarn, looms, DVDs, food, and adult beverages.  We spend the entire weekend working on various craft projects, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be a "crafter" to join in on the festivities.  Sleeping, coloring, cooking, drinking, or swimming all counts as being "crafty".  
This year, I made the journey up from La Crosse.  After driving to Alaska and back twice, you would think that a 257 mile trek would be a piece of cake.  Well, as I get older and grow elderly, entertaining myself on long car rides is becoming more and more challenging.  Don't worry, I still manage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Back in May, I purchased my 2007 Dodge Caliber.  One thing I don't like about this car is the CD player.  Apparently, it is temperamental and doesn't like the fact that I can spend 5 hours listening to the same song over and over for the entire trip.  My truck never minded, but my car spits the CD out when it has had enough.  When I'm driving, I tend to pretend I'm on The Voice or something and it really messes with my stellar performances when the CD just pops out at random.  Regardless of how frustrating the CD player was to deal with, pulling into the parking lot of Northernaire made the drive SO worth it.  If you are ever looking for an AMAZING place to stay in northern Wisconsin, you should definitely look into this place: Northernaire Resort           
Although this is our sixth year, for me, this is only year number five.  I did not go the first year, but now I wouldn't dream of missing out.  I don't believe I have ever done a "craft", but I have edited many photographs, did some creative writing, and spent some time in the swimming pool wearing the infamous green swimsuit that Shannon swears I've had for 15 years, but I insist it is only 8 years old.  And, yes, it is here this weekend.  And, no, there are no pictures of it up here.  Yet.  

Some of the crafters take this weekend VERY seriously.  Aunt Kathy works diligently on making mittens.  If you don't own a pair of her wool mittens, you should maybe think about investing in a pair.  They also make great Christmas gifts.  For $25, your hands will never be cold when you're out in the subzero temps shoveling or scraping your vehicle.  Contact me for more information and I can hook you up.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Crafters like pins.  At least that is what I've been told.

These are quite sharp.  I won't go near them.

Typically, there are no boys allowed at craft weekend.  We have made the exception when it comes to the children and this is Gunner's third craft weekend.  Madeline came along, too, so I found it only appropriate to bring up my favorite kind of craft: COLORING SUPPLIES!!!!
My favorite "craft" is taking pictures of little kids!

So, we took Gunner and Madeline down to the swimming pool this afternoon.  Of course, Gunner announces "I GOTTA PEE!!!!", so I took him into the restroom.  We walked in and he was so excited to see a urinal.  He pulled his trunks down and mid-pee decided he didn't want to use the urinal and relocated to the toilet, spraying down the wall, floor, and everything in between in the process.  He was so excited to get back to the pool, he slid and landed in the hot tub.  He was fine, though.

We try to keep craft weekend classy.

Christy made memorial mittens out of a sweater.  Very cool!

Woke up to snow!!!  It's like CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This little guy had to be freezing outside!!

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