Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Melissa The Mentor

The YMCA Reach and Rise Mentoring Program has begun here in La Crosse and a friend of mine is the director.  When she took the position, I told her to keep me in mind as the recruiting for mentors began.  We had our first training session tonight and I'm super excited about the program and being part of it.  At the end of the night, we were given a homework assignment.  We are supposed to engage in some sort of child activity before our next session.  It should be something that we haven't done recently.  Something that brings us back to our childhood.

I have to cross coloring off the list because I do that just about everyday. 

I am guessing that wearing my 5-year-old niece's jacket does not count for this.  
And, if it did, again... I just did this less than two weeks ago, so scratch that. 

Breaking my toys and sticking chewed bubble gum in random places is also something 
I still haven't grown out of.

Again, eating candy and cake pops isn't going to count because I do that 
on a regular basis.

I could watch a movie from my childhood, but I watch them all repeatedly.

I did not realize how many "child activities" I do until I started thinking about it while I was driving tonight.  Just before the training session tonight, I was hanging out at the library with three little munchkins at Pokemon club.

Last night, we watched "Spy Kids 4" and made mac and cheese for dinner.

A few days ago I made paper airplanes.

"Ninja Kid Run" is one of my favorite games I have downloaded on my iPhone.

When I get to pick the flavor at the dentist, it's always grape or bubble gum.

"Old MacDonald" is on my iTunes and it was playing in my car tonight.  (I should note that there were no children in my vehicle at the time.  And I did sing along.  It's a pretty cool rendition of the song, actually.)  

I haven't thrown a temper tantrum lately.  I could do that.  Maybe tap dancing?  Maybe I could find an amusement park ride that I'm not tall enough to go on.  Now THAT would take me right back to my childhood.  

In the meantime, I'm just going to play a quick round of "Ninja Kid" and call it a night.  It's been a while since "homework" has been part of my routine.  Good thing this is something I can handle.  

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