Monday, October 25, 2010

Sabbatical: Day 1

What to do with myself...

It's 8:15 and I'm in Wausau enjoying a cup of coffee and Good Morning America.  I have a novel to write next month, a guitar that needs new strings and some TLC, photos to take, an alarm clock to unplug and pack away for a few months, poetry to write, songs to write, podcasts to create, and books to read.

Note to Self: This all doesn't have to be done today. 

So, I'm going to go visit the grandparents before heading back to La Crosse.  Maybe I'll stay in Wausau until tomorrow?!  It's kind of like summer all over again, only better.

I am thinking that I may have found the cure for senioritis.  This could be a huge breakthrough.  I should maybe schedule some interviews today with NPR, CNN, and MSNBC.

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