Saturday, January 8, 2011

Things I Find on Craigslist

Ad title: I be a vocalist 

I didn't even open the post at first.  I see "I be a vocalist" and instantly don't care whether or not they can sing because I am willing to bet this person can't even talk. 

Ad Title: 
ESL, English, and More
Ad Content: 
 I am an experienced ESL tutor, offering "Student Driven" one-on-one classes, 
which are designed to meet YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS.

 Would it be wrong to give this person's e-mail to the I be a vocalist guy?

Ad title: 
 Wedding/Funeral Singer
 My name is Emily and I am looking for more opportunities to pursue my passion. 

Does this strike anyone else as funny?  Just wondering.

Ad title: 
 My Hubby is a Mama's Boy!!!
He talks to his mother several times a day everyday.
All she has to do is snap her fingers and he goes running to her house.
Please read my story and share your thoughts on my situation.

What is up with these?  They pop up every now and then and it directs you to  Really?  Wouldn't you rather be watching Jersey Shore?

Ad title:
iso of photographer for TFC shoot
female actress looking for a photographer for headshots.
TFC or TFP only.
looking to do this sometime next week maybe wednesday, the 12th.
serious people only.
don't waste my time, and i won't waste yours. 
I love the "don't waste my time, and i won't waste yours" the best.  TFC/TFP is a waste of time, young lady.  Unless your Sandra Bullock or someone of similar status, of course.  (TFC = trade for content; TFP = trade for prints)  If you're looking for quality, you should expect to pay your photographer.  Otherwise, get out your iPhone and take a couple headshots.  I hate these types of ads and there are tons of them out there.  

Ad title:
Looking for a Russian Speaking Nanny
I think Sarah Palin is available.

Ad title:
aDuLt WaLkEr...
Ad Content:
nice and FIRM does not WIGGLE make good offer! 

No comment.  Just sharing.

Lost & Found Items
LOST: Sparkle Blue Superman Wallet (Arkansas)

LOST: Yellow Champ Hobby Airplane (Arkansas)

LOST: 1992 Geo Tracker (Arkansas)
Last seen on Thompson Street. Yellow. Old. POS. Our family's transportation. Please return it. The cops are looking for you.

LOST: ATV Ramp (Montana) 

FOUND: Anyone Lose a Rabbit? (Alaska)

FOUND: Dead husky on 96.... Sorry for your loss (Detroit)

LOST: Hearing aids (Milwaukee)

FOUND: I found your dress in the parking lot (Milwaukee)

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