Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dog Sitting: Day 2 AND FINALS WEEK! UGH!

This is Anna.  Classic head tilt for the camera

I don't know about other college students, but I'm kind of fond of sleeping in on the weekends.  Apparently, Anna & Duncan didn't get the memo.  5:13 AM Duncan is having a howling festival in his kennel and Anna is on top of me trying to make my hand pet her.  It's kind of like I got married and had a kid over night. 

I sat the dogs down this morning and we had a talk about how important sleep is.  I'm pretty sure the talk didn't work, so every time I caught them trying to snooze today, I would yell, "SQUIRREL!!!"  I've heard that demonstrations tend to work better than lectures.  We'll see about that.

Remember how I taught Duncan how to sing?  Not such a good idea because he practiced ALL day.  I need to try and teach him the difference between whining, crying, barking, and singing.  Good thing we have three weeks.  I've also taught Anna to wag her tail.  It's the coolest thing - I just look at her and it starts wagging.   

Poor Duncan has been crabby today.  I think he's holding a grudge.  To think I had the nerve to leave today for less than an hour.  When I came back, they were both at the door ready to tear it down.
Duncan. Is. Crabby!!

If I ever become a therapist, I'm going to discourage people with paranoia from having dogs.  These dogs have followed me around steady since yesterday.  Anywhere I go, they go.  Imagine someone who is paranoid.  It would be a disaster.  

Duncan just crawled in his kennel.  Voluntarily.  He's been doing that off-and-on all day.  He sits in his cage with the door wide open and whines.  If I physically pull him out, he's fine.  It's the craziest thing.

I remember dog sitting one other time for these enormous golden retrievers.  I called them miniature horses.  Completely irrelevant, but I just thought I'd share.

On a completely different note... about a year ago at this time, I started the process of moving.  For some reason, I make the biggest mess right around finals time.  Of course, I have to move again, so not only does the mess have to get cleaned - the mess also has to get packed and move four blocks!

Here's my (lack of) progress:
"Clean up your life!"  - Karen
Look on the bright side - I won't have to deal with finals for a while after this week.  I could even start looking for j-o-b if I wanted to and get on a regular routine.  I could get one of those things... what are they called... a... um... starts with a "P" ... Paycheck!  That's right - a paycheck!

First thing I would do with a paycheck is hire a maid and professional movers.  Then again, I am kind of becoming a professional mover, aren't I?

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