Friday, May 27, 2011

Lawn Mowing

Okay, so I have accomplished a lot in my 29 years.  Once I got a hang of that potty-training stuff, I was pretty much unstoppable.  There are quite a few things I still have not done in my life, though.  I haven't attended a Broadway play, been to the top of the Eiffel Tower, or rolled in a barrel down Niagra Falls.  One thing that I have managed to avoid for 29 years, however, is mowing a lawn.

Well, I did make one attempt many, many years ago.  Mom, Dad, my sister Shannon, and I frequently helped my great-grandma out with housekeeping and yard work.  One particular day I remember asking Dad if I could try mowing the lawn.  I was about 9 or 10, and thought that it looked pretty easy to cut grass.  Dad gave me the manual mower - the kind without a motor.

Three swipes through the front yard and Dad stopped me.  He said I wasn't doing it right.  When I looked back, it was obvious I was not one of those children that had a thing for straight lines.  There were big patches of grass that were much longer than others.  Defensively, I declared I would NEVER mow another lawn again.  And I didn't.

Until yesterday, that is.

I think that if you saw the backyard, you wouldn't necessarily say it was mowed, though.  You see, I'm house sitting.  And dog sitting.  I thought for sure the yard would mow itself.  Or, the dogs would eat the grass to keep it nice and trim.  Apparently, dogs are not goats and I did not receive the memo.  In the garage was another one of those manual mowers, so went out and got to work.  Kind of.

Have you ever tried to mow a lawn that got a little overgrown?  How about with a manual mower?  Thank my lucky stars the yard is fenced in and no one could see me because I'd have 5,000,000 hits on YouTube by now.

After about a half hour of going over the same spots and pulling grass out of the wheels I gave up.  Then, this morning, I let the dogs out.  When I went to bring them back in, there were two piles of fresh vomit.  The dogs made like goats and tried to eat the grass, but threw it up.

So, I went on Craigslist and found about 15 people looking to mow lawns!!  If there are people out there who are so passionate about cutting grass, who am I to deny them of this?

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