Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fan Mail

Dear Seventh Year Senior,
Do you prefer the toilet paper over or under?
-Curious in Kentucky

Dear Curious in Kentucky,

Definitely under.


Dear Melissa,
What is your favorite day of the week and why?
  Boston, MA

Dear Lynn,

My favorite day of the week is Sunderday.  It's the only day of the week that exists for senioritis sufferers.  Sunderday is a combination of Saturday and Sunday.  This may require a post all itself. 


Dear Melissa,
What do you want for Christmas?

Dear Santa,

I want more long-sleeved black shirts.  My supply is getting low because I don't do laundry on Sunderdays. 

That is all.


Dear Seventh Year Senior,
Any advice for graduating high school seniors?

Yes.  I have advice for graduating high school seniors.

  1. Go to college!
  2. Apply for scholarships.  Apply for LOTS of scholarships.  
  3. Don't go nuts with the credit cards.  Keep one for emergencies.  A pizza, a new wardrobe, and spring break in Cancun are not emergencies.
  4. Don't text in class.  
  5. Call home.   And NOT just when you need money.
  6. Under no circumstance should you ever get drunk with your professor(s).  
  7. Take advantage of the opportunities offered to you.  Study abroad.  Participate in campus activities and events.  
  9. Even though the cash may be tempting, some of your textbooks are valuable and you may want to consider keeping them for your reference library.
  10. Don't wait until your third senior year to discover the library on campus.

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