Friday, June 17, 2011

Entertaining My Insomnia

I think I took a few too many naps today.  Ah, the life of a recent graduate.  Maybe it's the new apartment?!  There's a constant thumping below my bedroom, which I think may be a ceiling fan, as well as a train that runs a few blocks away that makes the entire house vibrate.  Whatever the case may be, I'm wide awake at 12:51 AM.

First things first, I am addicted to One Life to Live, again.  I've been a soap opera junkie on and off for many, many years.  In fact, I wanted to be a soap opera writer when I grew up.  Actually, I still wouldn't mind doing that.  You know your addiction may have gone a little too far when you're wide awake at 11:30 PM figuring out the storyline that took a twist you didn't expect.  So, I checked out and sure enough - today's episode was posted!  So, I watched it.  Let me also say that I am heartbroken this show has been canceled and is going off the air in January.

A little alcohol sometimes gets people in trouble when they try to send text messages, or call an ex.  In my case, a little case of insomnia leads to writing letters to ABC executives begging them to reconsider! 

It's essential to take a break here and there, so in the midst of crying over Gigi's death (on OLTL that I totally did not see coming), I like to watch this dog over and over and over and over:

When I can no longer laugh at the poor dog, I like to browse other interesting videos people put up on YouTube.  Like, Debbie's video bio for eHarmony. . .

WOW!!  That's all I can say on that one.  Moving on . . .

I've attempted taking off my free bracelets that I got in the ER.  It would be a lot easier if I could find a damn pair of scissors.  Man, I remember back in the day when I'd go to water parks or some place that gave you a wristband, I would have contests with myself to see how long I could keep them on.  A wristband that said Noah's Ark - America's Largest Waterpark is so much cooler than the one I have broadcasting to the world that I am allergic to amoxicillin!  And don't even get me started on the stupid paper one.  It's paper!!  Paper is supposed to rip. 

Note to self: sharpen the damn knives in the kitchen!  Cripes, girl!  How do you cut anything with those?

Watch this again:

What bracelet?  I want that dog!!!

Here's another one of my YouTube favorites!!!  I'm sure everyone and their brother has seen this video:

I was actually thinking about this kid when they were sewing me up in the ER.  I would just like to know why I didn't get what he got!!  AND, I bet they gave him stickers and suckers.  Growing up sucks, huh?

Okay... okay ... just one more time and I PROMISE I am going to go to sleep:

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