Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Clubs You Won't See At the Fair!!

There is a club fair going on tomorrow at Viterbo.  I'm sure all the clubs will be present.  Like the Bio-chem Club, the Psychology Club, the Garden Club, and the Education Club.

If you would like a preview of the clubs that will be there, you've come to the wrong place!  These are the clubs you probably won't see at school this year:

  • Academic Probation Club
    • Members must bring their letter from the Dean to sign up
    • Must have a GPA below 2.0
  • Underachiever's-R-Us
    • Are you lazy? A procrastinator? A junior or a senior without a declared major?  Are you barely squeaking by?  Then this club is for you!!
  •  Cross-Campus
    • A little too out-of-shape for cross-country?  Join the Cross-Campus running/walking/crawling club.  Can't make it across campus?  No biggie!  Bicycles and mopeds are highly encouraged.  Practice once a month.  One run per semester.  (Running route goes from Murphy Center to the Mathy Center.)  
  • Took a Shower in the Chem Lab Club
    • The showers are there for safety!  If you had to use one, you belong in this club!  I'm also going to guess that you're a freshman.
  • Freshman Fifteen-ers
    • You know what this club is all about!! 
  • Sophomore Seventy-ers
    • The sister club of the Freshman Fifteen-ers!
  • The "I've Had a Prof Bum a Smoke off Me" Club
    • This club meets at The Recovery Room bar just about everyday!
  •  The Stay In College for Life to Keep the Loans in Deferment Club
    • Open to anyone who is fully committed to being a life-long learner for all the wrong reasons!
  • Black Cloud Club
    • Kind of like The Sunshine Club... but not really.

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    1. Absolutely hilarious! I can see your book now, from blog to book....with a smirk at the world!