Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top Ten Signs of Senioritis

For those of you have followed me through the years dating back to my time in Alaska, you know how I love my top ten lists.  I felt it was about time to bring them back.

Top Ten Signs of Senioritis

10.  Brushing teeth and showering have become a weekly event.

9.  Coffee, potato chips, pizza, and mac & cheese have taken over the food pyramid.

8.  You have no idea what you're supposed to be doing in the bio lab and think it's hilarious.

7.  You rationalize that if front row parking is not available, it's a sign that you aren't supposed to go to school.

6.  The government notifies you that you've exceeded the loan limit and it's time to graduate.

5.  Your middle finger gets you in trouble and no one believes it's just spasms.

4.  Your mom is blocking your calls because she doesn't want to hear any more whining about how you hate school and want to move home.

3.  Your flash drives are currently serving as ear plugs. 

2.  Multiple choice exams have come down to eenie - meenie -miney - mo.

And the Number One Sign of Senioritis. . .

1.  You keep your passport on you at all times just in case you finally decide to make a break for it.  Ask me the next time you see me to see my passport.  I guarantee it will be with me... because you just never know... 


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