Saturday, September 11, 2010

Perfect Attendance

It was difficult, but I have successfully completed a full week of attending every class.  That doesn't necessarily mean that I was present, but my body sat in the chairs, my head nodded occasionally, and my notebooks were opened making it appear like I gave a hoot.

My niece, Madeline, is at that age where you tell her to do something and she instantly responds with a whiny "I caaannnn'ttttt doooooo itttttttt."

Internally, there was a whining little child inside of me all week.

Prof: Okay, you're going to become pros with the micropipettes in this lab.
Melissa's Internal two-year-old: I CAAAANNNNNNN'TTTT  DOOOOO ITTTTTTT!!!

Prof: I have an activity for you to do in your teams!
Melissa's Internal two-year-old: I CANNNN'TTTT DOOOOO ITTTTTTT!!!!!!!

Prof: Turn in your research worksheet.

Just like I tell Madeline, I need to tell myself, "Yes, you can!"  And just like Madeline, I usually end up in a complete hissy fit on the floor until I am red in the face.  At two, it's somewhat cute.  At 28... not so much.  This is why I tend to keep my tantrums to myself now.

But it gets old, doesn't it?  I mean, always doing the right thing.  What is appropriate and acceptable gets old.  I want to sit on my chair upside down for an entire lecture.  I want skip class without feeling like the holy Catholic college is going to send me straight to Hell.  I want to wear my pajamas all day and skip showers, skip meals, and drink coffee until I'm practically a peeing coffee pot.  Instead, I just keep doing what I should.  Going to school, sitting on my chair the right way, getting dressed occasionally, and showing up for work when I'm supposed to.

That doesn't mean I'm not somewhat rebellious.  If you haven't noticed, I bought a pack of gum for days I decide not to brush my teeth.  So, let the ADA run that up their flagpole and salute it.  I am a proud giver of the bird to those 'intexticated' drivers that deserve it.  I even speed sometimes.  Just not to class.

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