Friday, September 17, 2010

The Texting Take Over

Here it comes.  Brace yourselves.

I've found a great table outside of the Reinhart Center to people watch.  The vast majority of you walk right by me and probably don't even know I'm sitting here staring you down because your eyes are locked on your cell phone screen.  Or, you have your ear conveniently attached to your device.

Well, you don't look cool.  You look stupid.  Not to mention anti-social.  Sure, you're texting which is, I guess 'social' in a completely anti-social mode of communication.  I am right now making a pledge not to text unless texted to, and not to text in environments where real socialization could be occurring.

Generally, I'm a shy person.  That doesn't mean that I can't smile at someone or say 'hello' as I walk by, but when their running their fingers across a touch screen, tripping over their own shoes, it makes it a little difficult for any type of interaction.

We have a global "lights out" day to conserve energy.  How about a global "turn off your cell phone" day. Honestly, believe it or not back in the day, people actually left their house without a phone.  The world will keep spinning if just for one day we all put away our cell phones and tried face-to-face communication instead.

I even wish they would start offering a Cell Phone Etiquette 101 in high schools and colleges.  Seriously,  shouldn't it be common sense that you leave your phone in the car when you're having your senior photos taken?  Even though you may not think so, when you're in a check-out texting or talking on the phone - you are holding up the line.  And, have you noticed how much a movie ticket costs these days?  You're really going to dish out that cash to sit and text during the entire movie?  Ridiculous.

The rudest of all is when you meet up with someone - as in Face- to - Face.  No skype, no IM chat... actually sitting down in person and you spend the time talking on the phone, browsing the 'net, or texting.  You may as well look at the person you're supposed to be talking to and tell them that they really aren't that important and you'd rather play with your gadget.

Let's not even get Melissa started on texting while driving.  To me that falls in the same category as drunk driving and people should be pulled over and punished appropriately.  That's another post.  

Happy Friday.

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