Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Senioritis Poem

Psychotics rarely yawn
and the average yawn lasts six seconds
so I've spent 510 seconds today
proving that I'm sane.

(Now make that 516)

I think it's the fifth week of school
but I could be wrong
(make that 522)
I still have three or four textbooks to purchase
and maybe I will

not disagree that sleeping is underrated.
Or that homework is overrated.
(ops, 528 seconds)
Yawning is annoying
and so are fresh...

Man, I tanked that first bio exam.
Studying in bed with the lights off and Facebook booted up
probably contributed to my below-average

performance review at work
just complemented me
on my time management

skill is dropping a cell phone three times on pavement
and finding the damn thing is still

working on graduation party plans
would be much easier if
they'd give me an honorary degree.

(Please note - my pointless poetry is never revised or edited.  It spews out of me as is.)

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