Sunday, September 26, 2010

Melissa's Closet

So, over the summer I was offered a position as a fashion blogger.  Apparently, the girl didn't really do her research on me.  I am the LEAST fashion-oriented person I know.

But then I started thinking, maybe my fashion sense is really what designers are striving for?!  Maybe the fashion worlds needs Melissa McCarthy to set them straight.  Consider yourselves truly blessed to be fortunate enough to get a glimpse into my closet.

Here we go...

This is my collection of long-sleeved black tops.  You should note that there are some not pictured here.  The one I am wearing, its twin that is in the laundry, and the one that is down in the truck.  People have been asking me for years why I always wear so much black.  It's safe.  It's slimming, which will be elaborated on in my podcast, The Fattest Anorexic, at a later date.

Now, black is definitely the dominant color in the closet; however, when I find these long-sleeved shirts on clearance, I might pick out a little color.

See.  There is a splash of color in my closet.  And once in a while, you just might catch me in something other than black.

I must highly recommend these shirts, though.  They are very comfortable and often very reasonable for those of you on the 7 1/2 year college plan who need to pinch your pennies.  Bass recently had a sale on these, so I picked up four. The lower one hanging on the door knob came from Target off the Clearance rack!  It's my current favorite.  My rule - never spend more than $10 on one of these.  Usually, I pay between $6 and $8 for a shirt like this.  If I find them cheaper, I buy in bulk.  Obviously.
The best part about these shirts - they go with anything.  Jeans, jogging pants, skirts, or dress pants.

Now, let's talk sweatshirts.  I have a favorite.  It was a garage sale purchase my sister made and I stole.  It's been around for over seven years, which makes it a classic in my book.

June 2006 The sweatshirt on Prince of Wales Island in SE Alaska

November 2006 The sweatshirt welcomes my nephew to the world

January of 2007 - The Same Sweatshirt, Same Nephew
September 2010: Same Sweatshirt, Same Nephew, New Accessory

Christmas 2009 - Celebrating in style wearing *the* sweatshirt!

Those are just a few of the photos I have of me in *the* sweatshirt.  I have a feeling the fashion section of my blog is going to take flight and there are going to be tons of people dressing like me.  I'll probably end up with my own clothing line and be a judge on "Project Runway".  Heidi Klum, eat your heart out.  "In the fashion world, one day your in... the next day... Your dressing like you have senioritis!"

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